Thursday, 4 December 2008

How to make more email sales from your mailing list

You already have a mailing list filled with subscribers who you email regularly. But how regularly do you email them? How often should you email your subscribers? In my experience I think the best is to email them every week, that way it is not too often to annoy them and it's also often enough to remind them who you are and that they should return to visit your website.

I have learnt this lesson about regularity from experience. I used to email my subscribers every month and it didn't work, it wasn't often enough. What you the hot hope are really trying to do with your mailing list is build up a relationship with your subscribers and you can't do that unless you contact them regularly with news.

So what can you do to increase the amount sales you make from your mailing list?

Firstly, try to write in a friendly way. You should cut the technical language and the long complex sentences as much as possible and make your writing conversational as though you're writing to a friend. Just imagine you are chatting to a friend. That's exactly the way that you want to write to make that connection with your subscribers.

If possible, address your reader with the first name. To do this you need to capture the first name in your autoresponder form and use it at the start of every email. This will make your message more personal.

Throughout your messages you should try to use “you” as often as possible. This will make your messages personal and you will connect with your subscriber. Using “you” throughout your message will enable you to build a rapport with your reader and you'll be much more likely to be able to recommend products and make sales.

One of the most important things you can do to increase the power of your emails and boost your email sales is to avoid marketing directly. First you should always have as your aim to address the needs of your reader and try to solve the problems that he or she may have.
You should be offering information which is a very high quality and most importantly, free.

What your reader is really looking for from you is answers to questions and solutions to problems. Your tips and advice as well as your recommendations should all be made as valuable and useful to your reader as possible. If you're constantly offering valuable information and answers to your readers you will be rewarded with sales in the end. This is good marketing strategy.

Another reason why you need to provide lots of quality information and answers to the problems that your readers are searching for is that you want to appear to be an expert in your subject area. If your reader believes you are an expert, he'll come to slowly trust you and rely on you and then when you offer him a recommendation or links to follow he or she will do what you ask and follow your links back to your website, take a look at your recommended products and eventually will trust you enough to buy from you.

It's all about building up credibility.

If you've done your job really well you're reader will follow your advice and listen to your recommendations because you will value everything that you say. Your credibility with the reader will be enhanced. Whenever you place a link back to your website in any of your messages will have a much higher chance of getting that link clicked.

You will therefore be able to attract or your reader back to your website for more information.
In fact the job of your emails is not to make sales but to refer your reader back to your website where you can find even more valuable information and solutions to the problem that he is seeking to solve. If you do this right the result will be lots more email sales.

Finally you need to make sure that the maximum number of your readers can actually open and read your messages. Make sure that your messages are delivered in plain text and not HTML format. The reason for this is messages delivered in HTML format look great but get displayed in all kinds of strange ways according to which email program your reader is using.
Many readers in fact only view plain text emails so if you send a HTML email that looks fantastic it will be for nothing because your reader will not be able to view it and when he gets converted to text anything can happen!

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