Monday, 15 December 2008

Why Focus is so Important

Whether we are talking about self help, your self improvement or being successful online, focus is one of the most important things to think about.

Let's talk about self improvement and personal growth for a moment. I've notice myself many times buying a self-help book and becoming really enthusiastic to read it, but before I get very far into the book my mind begins to wander off and and I lose focus. Does that ever happen to you? Probably it does because our lives are so disorganised and lived at such a fast pace these days that sometimes we find ourselves reading at odd moments. When it comes to self improvement you really need to spend time and if the book suggests that you do a written or a visual exercise then you should actually spend time doing it to get the benefit of the book. It's so easy to get carried away as your mind races through things and as you scan a book for new ideas, you want to progress fast but sometimes in order to progress it's necessary to slow down and focus on a specific point.

This was made even clearer to me this week when I thought about my attempts to increase traffic to my new web sites dealing with online success and prosperity. I suddenly realized that I had tried just about every kind of traffic building activity that I could but I actualy had not concentrated my efforts on any one of them. This lack of focus means that actually I have achieved very little in the time that I've been working on this traffic building because I've done everything but succeeded very little because my efforts have been spread thin everywhere.

Both self improvement and building a business requires steps which have to be followed in order. One step should be followed naturally by another until the results build up and success results. Also as one step shows results it will increase your self motivation to go further and this result will be followed by more achievements. If you do not focus and instead move on to the next step before you've really finished the last one you're just going to add mediocre results to mediocre results and lose your motivation spending a lot of effort for very little return.

With focus you can do yourself justice and you can actually work less and get better results quicker. So take a moment today to actually think about what you're doing for yourself or what you're doing for your business online and ask yourself if one of your problems is lack of focus. If the answer is yes, make sure that you know where to focus and spend your energy and in this way your success is assured.

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    I am really struggling focusing on my reading cases even though I know what I need is to focus!
    I will keep trying ... ...