Tuesday, 13 January 2009

It's all about balance

Success in your personal life? Earn more money? Happiness? Better relationships?
The secret factor which is key to all these things and more is balance.

What I want to say is that if you don't have balance you can't be successful or happy.

Let's talk about work for a moment. I have always been seeking a balance between my personal life, the hobbies and pastimes that I want to pursue, family and career aims. The problem with a fulltime job is there is often no balance. You have to live your life according to the job's demands and when you return home exhausted you can't enjoy your free time. And there seems so little of that.

I'm trying now to find balance in my life so that I can work when I want to and do the things which I enjoy such as helping others and talking about prosperity and improvement. I want to develop my online business so that it will give me a great income and allow me freedom.

If you want to be happy you need balance. Some work, some free time, some time to relax and enjoy life. The necessary time to think about what you want and how to get it. Some breathing space in the hectic pace that we live nowadays.

I'm also concerned about building success online and helping others to earn money through their websites with affiliate marketing. Marketing and web traffic is everything here and for this to be successful, as in any business, balance is the key. You have to do a range of activities and you have to do them in a balanced way. Concentrate on one thing too much and you won't succeed. You need to focus sometimes but keep in mind the big picture that you need to do everything in coordination and in harmony.

When my life is in balance I get so much done and I feel good because I'm heading towards what I want to achieve. There are days when everything is out of focus and unbalanced. Those days is stressful and even if I work really hard I seek to achieve nothing at the end of the day.

How can you achieve more balance in your life? Ask yourself: are you working too hard? Are you obsessed with a single task which you just can't seem to get finished or a particular problem which you just can't seem to solve? Is your life balanced? Are the priorities you have in your life coming from within or outside? What would it take to make your life more balanced?

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  1. Balance is important. But it's hard to keep balance everyday for you have to allow yourself to feel like a crab sometimes. Besides, people are not machine. Balance might be achieved during a certain period like one week or one month.
    Keeping balance is not only good for psychological health but for physical health.

  2. Well said, money has its due importance in life but enjoying life even the smallest bit makes worthwhile. So work hard and care for yourself equally well.

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