Thursday, 28 May 2009

Change from Inside

Today I want to talk to you about change.

Before you can change your life and what's in it you need to change what's inside you. It's a fact that if you say something like "I hate my life and this is not what I want!" then you're just focusing on what's wrong and you'll get more of that again.

In order to make positive changes in your physical world you need to think differently and feel differently. Ever notice that when you feel good everything seems to go well for you?

The opposite is true when you feel bad and indulge your negative side everything seems to get worse...

I've tried changing where I live and moved to a different country on more than one occasion and my life did change but guess what? My mind went with me and my problems were still there. Given time if you want to chase your dreams and live a better and happier life start by changing inside.

How do you do this?

First you should look at yourself, your thoughts and what you say because this shows what is going on inside you. Is your attitude helping you or holding you back?

Find some time to quieten down and get peaceful. Listen to some gentle music. Ask yourself what you want and begin to see and experience it in your mind.

Read positive books and fill your brain will positive stuff.

Talk to yourself in a positive way. This is called self talk and it will help you to become happier.

Focus on what's good in your life and be thankful.

keep a daily journal of your successes and things that made you happy.

Imagine a car with a poor engine, not serviced and not working properly. It struggles uphill coughing and spluttering and sometimes stops. It lets you down when you need it most.

Your mind is your engine and you cannot hope to be successful or happy without a mind that is functioning correctly and supporting you in facing every challenge that lies in front of you.

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  1. This post makes some meaningful points. People underestimate the power of the mind. Everyone has the capacity to choose how they think and feel. Yet, many choices are made unconsciously. To realize you choose to be happy or not is a powerful revelation. Thanks for your tips here!