Friday, 4 September 2009

I'm teaching again...

I told you I'd be updating you on what I'm up to on my trip over to England...

After spending a week at home with my parents I travelled north to the city of Durham, home to one of England's best universities. Durham is a pretty and historic city that is typical England (including the rain!)

I've started teaching at the university and will be here until the end of September.

What am I teaching?

I am teaching pre-sessional academic writing to Master's students studying Law.

I love teaching because it is a chance to give. Teaching combines sharing your experience and knowledge and helping young people to better themselves. Teaching here in Durham is really rewarding personally and gives me yet another purpose and reason in my life. It also brings variety as I normally live so far away from home in Turkey.

It is important to give of yourself and share what you know with the world. Helping others and working with them is a joy in itself. Open yourself up to giving instead of asking and you will find the world gives back to you anyway...

Likewise, variety in life is priceless. Don't stay in the safety of routine be adventurous and live a little. Push yourself for that's where success lies...

I'll be back again in a few days with more about what I'm up to and more inspiring posts will follow, be sure to come back soon...


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  1. thank u so much Professor because of what you're doing for me, i really appreciate it, i've read it all, thank u again. I'm Amir,

  2. I'm so glad that you find my help useful. Keep on trying and you WILL succeed Amir.

  3. hi dear professor
    as it seems you are very busy and having a great time in Durhum. i wish you the bests.
    everyday i check my email i look for an email from you to help me making a good day of nothing.i mean it helps me being positive and trying hard for my fact i 'll have the TOEFLtest on 12th sep and i have hard time these your advises are very beneficial to me.
    thanks again