Saturday, 29 August 2009

Can you buy happiness?

Can you buy happiness?

Normally the answer would be no...

Happiness comes from within how can you buy that? Well, here's a great poem that answers this question in an interesting way:

"You can't buy loyalty, they say
I bought it though, the other day;
You can't buy friendship, tried and true,
Well just the same, I bought that too.
I made my bid, and on the spot
Bought love and faith and a whole job lot
Of happiness, so all in all
The purchase price was pretty small.
I bought a single trusting heart,
That gave devotion from the start.
If you think these things are not for sale,
Buy a brown-eyed puppy with
a stump for a tail."

(unknown author)

This is my loving dog "Toffee". I can't tell you how much happiness she has given me over the years.

A pet not only helps you get rid of stress but changes your whole outlook. It is one great antidote to depression. Better than any anti-depressant for sure!

The poem above was taken with permission from:

Thursday, 27 August 2009

My Arrival in Durham..

Yesterday evening I arrived in Durham in the North of England, greeted by the rain but my enthusiasm is not dampened! I will be teaching as I did last year at Durham university for one month...

I'll be keeping you posted about my time there, a little info about the place and some inspiring posts about life in general...

Come back and check me out for the latest news on my trip home to the UK.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

When and How to Make a Decision

I have written about making good decisions before. It is so important...

Do you have difficult decisions to make?

What is the most important thing to remember before making important decisions?

Well if you had bought my self esteem secrets e-book you would have got my free 1,000 word report about making good choices to help you build your self esteem. I really put a lot of time and effort into that report and it's filled with great advice.

So what's the answer to that last question above??

- Don't make decisions for a negative reason.

You shouldn't make any important decision when you are in a negative mood because you will decide badly. Your view will be mistaken and you will only see the down side of the situation.

Don't say "I hate this or have to desperately change this..."
Or "I can't stand this anymore so..."
Or "I don't want this, I don't like this.."

Decide only when you are in a positive mood and can see things correctly and in balance. You MUST make decisions for a positive reason..

Decide to do something or make a change in order to improve or better your situation.
Decisions which help you develop or grow or move forward are positive decisions.

So my message for you today is:


I recommend the bonus report "Making Choices that Help you Build your Self Esteem" which is free with my e-book "Self Esteem Secrets" - go and get it today

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What an awesome week!!

Antione Albeau (France) - No.1 PWA Slalom Windsurf Champion and world record speed holder.

From the 10-15 August the Professional Windsurfing Association held the world cup in Alacati, Turkey and that's where I spend my summer windsurfing.

Can you imagine being able to see and mix with the top people in a sport or activity that you are very interested in?

Talk about motivation!

The worlds fastest competitors in windsurfing were racing and I took the opportunity to talk to some of them and we got incredible photos too! Talking to the experts in your field of interest is a great experience, how often do you get that chance?

I met the British champion Ross Williams and chatted with him several times, what a nice guy!

Ross Williams (world no.3 Slalom Windsurf Champion, GB)

Well it's off topic a bit but I thought show you the photos and maybe they'll give you a lift and brighten up your day. If it's grey where you are remember there is sun and a world of beaches out there. Aspire to get there and live your dream life...

All pictures were taken by Umit Yesildag a friend of mine:

Alacati, Turkey - beginners windsurfing.

For more photos look up Umit Yesildag on Facebook and check the rest of his photos.

You can find me on Facebook too!
Go to my Facebook profile

Check out this article in the New York Times about the windsurfing in Alacati:

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Top 5 Tips to Conquer your Fear of Public Speaking

Does public speaking scare you? Did you know that in a famous poll which asked "what is your no.1 fear?" That the second most common answer was death. What was the top answer? What could be more scary than death...?

That answer was public speaking. So here are five great tips to beat your fear of making speeches,giving presentations or whatever form of public speaking awaits you.

Plan, Plan, Plan, Plan

The old saying is still true - fail to plan then plan to fail... The key to delivering a successful speech is to know your material, write about what interests you and speak about something you are passionate about - for some it's much easier to talk about cars then finance. Always plan out what is appropriate for your audience, if it's something with a lot of data or numbers - then it may be more appropriate to include a variety of print outs whereas a meeting about cars could have a slide show on a projector with a variety of cars you will talk about. Sometimes you don't get to choose what you get to talk about and so you just have to find your own personal way to discuss the topic that has a personal touch, something that makes it unique.

Learn Your Material
You will find it amazingly easier to deliver a speech that you know what your talking about and that you have rehearsed, rather then one that you finished writing and printing the night before. Preparation is essentially the key to doing well in a speech and you will find that over preparing will never hurt.

The Delivery
Okay, so your standing in front of a crowd and it doesn't matter how big that crowd is, you may be feeling like your heart is beating at 150 miles an hour. Everything is moving so fast, and you hear your name called to start your speech. You feel queasy inside and as you open your mouth to say a word, you feel no moisture - just a dry mouth. This is what you will feel like most likely and don't worry, there are many other people who feel the exact same way when delivering a speech. This is how you may feel at the beginning but when you finish speaking you will feel completely different if you manage to keep the audience interested and maintain in control of yourself.

Do's and Do Not's

Do: Relax

Before you start, take a deep breath and just build yourself up. My favorite quote to say when I am in that position is to say, 'I can achieve whatever I believe'. Keep taking deep breaths whenever you need to, your audience will be thankful that you are pacing every now and then - it also gives them a chance to soak in the information. If you have the option, you can take a sip of water every now and then as a breather break.

Don't: Apologize for a Mistake
Don't apologize for a mistake. People most likely didn't notice it and stopping and saying, 'I'm sorry - that wasn't meant to be there' is more likely going to do more harm then good. Just continue on like you didn't even notice you made a mistake, it's the same concept when performing in a dance competition or a music recital - don't stop if you mess up - just continue and show you have the ability to adapt to any situation.

Do: Enthusiasm
Nobody likes a speech without enthusiasm and you will often find it may be difficult to speak up and project your voice but it will involve your audience and be worth it in the end.

Don't: Worry about Blushing/Embarrassment
Everyone hates speaking in a crowd (well mostly everyone - including me) and naturally some people will blush or get 'red faced'. The more you worry about it, the more people will take notice to it. If you focus your energy on engaging your listeners and forget about the blushing then it will fade as soon as it arrived and less people will care about it because you obviously don't seem to.

The Aftermath
You did it! You finished your speech and guess what? You're still alive and I am sure you even got a hand of applause when you finished. Feels good doesn't it? Well, you put in the hard work and survived - take a deep breath and acknowledge any complements with a quick thanks.

These tips were written by my good friend Christopher Newman.

Want to learn more about how to succeed at public speaking? I will soon be releasing an instructional audio which will help you through the fear of making speeches and presentations and guide you to success...

There will be two audios one about self esteem and one about public speaking. Look out for these in the next week or so!


Friday, 14 August 2009

New Audios to be Released !

Yesterday I created a new bonus for something I'll be releasing next week...

This new bonus is something that will interest you. It's called:

"40 Sure-Fire Tactics that Guarantee High Self Esteem"

Inside this great bonus you will find strategies and tactics that you can immediately use to raise your self esteem. You know how important that is right?

Self Esteem = Success and Happiness

Some examples of the tactics you'll find in my report:

- Stop Worrying What Others Think
- Create your Own Expectations
- Look For Challenges

And many more, lots of real nuggets here for you to use today!

So how do you get your hands on this bonus?

Next week I will be releasing two audios - the first is "Boost your Self Esteem" and includes this new bonus I've just created. The second audio is about "Conquering the fear of Public Speaking". That will also come with a bonus report that is also something you don't want to miss.

The doors will open on Tuesday 18th August when you can take advantage of my special offer on one or both audios...

These audios are gonna knock your socks off!

Till next week...