Thursday, 22 October 2009

What is the enemy of Depression?

How are things with you today?

I've got another quick message about beating depression for you,
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How does depression do such a great job of wrecking your life?

What is the worst thing that it does to you?

It stops you from taking action.

Action is the most important factor in moving your life forward.
No action means you cannot take opportunities. Inaction also
makes you confused and unhappy. It allows others to take the
advantage and you allow this to happen. Inaction can be the
result of fear or stress but really inaction is
depression's partner.

So if you want to overcome depression you need only to take

Now depression is a clever thing, it is not stupid, it is your
brain working against itself. Depression works to stop you taking
action. It crushes your ability to make decisions by confusing
you, stressing you, making you angry and sad and then it makes
you tired and takes away your motivation.

What can you do to help yourself:

1. relax and listen to calm music
2. read some inspiring quotes
3. watch a comedy on tv
4. smile

Do something! Anything! But start to take action. Don't accept
depression. A positive step in the right direction means a step
away from depression.

I have suffered from depression as bad as it gets and I know the
choice is either give in or take action to move forward. The
first step is always the most difficult...

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Until next week,
take care,

Karl Perera
author of "Self Esteem Secrets"

Monday, 5 October 2009

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