Thursday, 23 December 2010

Plans for the New Year...

Before I hop on a plane from Turkey to Austria (where I'll be spending Christmas and the New Year) I would like to share with you what I plan for the next year.


I have redesigned my depression site - check and let me know what you think

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My personal message to you...

2011 is just round the corner and so I thought I would send you a
personal message and say a big thank you for visiting my website,
signing up and reading the emails I send each week.

How has this year been for you? I hope it's been a year of
improvement and that you've experienced the following:

- friendship. With 6 billion people on the face of this earth all
you need is ONE close friend. It is my wish that you are lucky
enough to possess the thing more precious than gold itself - true

- joy. Now everyone, including myself, faces unhappiness at times
but I really hope you've experienced moments of joy. Treasure
those moments and re-live them when things get difficult.

- satisfaction. That you have succeeded or achieved something
worthwhile. One of the best things you could achieve today is to
put a smile on someone's face..:)

- hope. I have a hope that the world will be a better place, it
doesn't seem like reality but I can't give up hoping. You
shouldn't either. There is always hope, no matter what others
tell you. If you truly believe in something don't give up until
you get it.

- enlightenment. It could come from anywhere. Inspiration.
Learning. Read and look to discover the truth in the world around
you. Don't just believe everything you see and hear on the TV.

- peace. A very valuable emotion. Inner peace is truly what we
all need. I hope that sometime during the last year you
experienced the stillness and quiet and felt true peace in your
heart, even if just for a few moments.

- love. Did you love someone or something this year? Did that
love bring you some happiness. I really hope it did. You deserve
love and keep telling yourself that. Go after what you love.

- awe. The world is an amazing place. I truly hope that there
were times that you saw or experienced something that took your
breath away. The incredible beauty and power of this world and
the natural things within it constantly remind me that my being
here is more than chance and is a miracle.

I hope this last year was filled with feelings and emotions that
remind us what a wonderful thing it is to be alive. Even if there
was also suffering or pain, then I pray you learn to focus on
those great moments and find motivation in the good.

My personal message to you is my sincere wish that this Christmas
will bring you peace and joy that will spread into the year
ahead. I hope to continue to try to inspire you each week and
hope that in some small way I can help you build your self esteem
and find the real you inside.

Happy New Year...

My best wishes to you,

Take care,
Karl Perera

Author of "Self Esteem Secrets"

Friday, 17 December 2010

It's common to feel down from time to time, but it's less common
to suffer feelings of despair and emptiness that won't go away,
even if you change your circumstances. Depression is more than
just a case of the blues. It's a low feeling that makes it hard
to enjoy life or even to function on a day to day basis. When
friends and hobbies are no longer interesting, you feel exhausted
on a regular basis, and it's hard to get through your day, you
may be suffering from the signs of depression. Let's take a
closer look at them today.

Learning about the signs of depression and what you can do about
them is the first step to overcoming your problem.

Find out how you can eliminate your depression permanently just
like I did:

Get Free of Depression
Depression may make you feel extremely sad [[firstname]], or just
listless and numb. It takes over your life, makes it hard to have
fun, sleep, eat, study, or do just about anything. Intense,
unrelenting feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and other
negative emotions are extremely common. These are just some of
the signs of depression.

When you're depressed, your sleep will be disrupted. Some people
can't sleep, while others sleep all the time. Easy tasks become
hard and concentration becomes more difficult. You may feel
helpless or without hope, and unable to control your negative
thoughts. Food is affected by depression, as well. Some people
lose their appetites, while others distract themselves with food
or feel hungry frequently. Irritability and short temperedness
are common, and you may think your life's not worth living. You
could feel either keyed up and agitated or sluggish and listless.

Depression is a major risk for suicide, but just because you're
depressed doesn't mean that you are suicidal. The two things are
connected, but not the same condition. If you've experienced
suicidal thoughts or impulses, it's important to get help of some
kind, but it can be extremely hard. Make sure that people take
you seriously, even though it's difficult to talk about openly.
Remember that seeking treatment doesn't mean you're weak, and it
doesn't mean you have to be medicated or institutionalized. There
are lots of ways to help get over the symptoms of depression that
don't require drugs.

The solution I recommend, Depression Free Method offers more
information on all the symptoms associated. Many doctors won't
hesitate to put you under ineffective drugs that make you feel
dazed most of the time. These drugs work temporarily but rarely
provides a permanent solution.

Instead of waiting for your doctor to put together a puzzle that
is rarely solved, there are many ways you can grab the bull by
the horns and learn about this mental condition yourself. By
trying some of the suggestions in the Depression Free Method, you
can heal yourself fast and permanently!

Find out exactly what I’m talking about:
Get Free of Depression

To Your Good Health
Karl Perera

Get Free of Depression

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Please tell me what you think...

I'm really interested to know what YOU think about my newly re-designed site.

I've tried to make my Depression helper website better. I mean more personal, and easier to look through. Can you take a look and tell me what you think?

New Depression Help Site

Two quick questions:

1. Like the design? Yes/no? Any suggestions or comments?
2. Should I keep my picture at the top or take it away?

If you comment below I'd really be grateful because this will help me to improve the site so more people can benefit from it.

Thank you

Click here to view the New Depression Helper Site Design

Friday, 3 December 2010

The Way to Program yourself for Success...

Have you ever heard about how hypnotists can make people do things like quit smoking or feel less pain? From what I’ve read, the way it works is the hypnotist puts a suggestive message in your subconscious. I’ve never tried it before personally, but they say when you wake up it feels like there’s a voice in the back of your head that encourages you or discourages you do to do a particular activity.

A more technical term for this is “subliminal programming”. It means exactly what it sounds like – programming the brain on a subconscious level. Subliminal programming is widely used today not just in hypnotism, but in self-empowerment and goal-setting. There are many gurus and workshops around today that teach people how to do this. Has anyone every tried this? Does it really work?

The thing with those workshops is they’re usually pretty expensive. If you’re a little skeptical about the whole thing, you might want to try it out first at home. There are software packages now that can teach you the same techniques without a live instructor.

One piece of software available is Sculptor 3 made by AffirmWare. This software program is supposedly like having Dr. Phil in your house. It’s your very own personal self-empowerment coach that focuses on affirmations, subliminal programming, visualizations and goal-setting.

The concept is basically like this – your present reality is something that you project from your own thinking. So if you’re a positive thinker, they you will see the world as positive and always see opportunities. If you’re a negative thinker, then you tend to always see things in terms of shortcoming and barriers. Now, what if there was a way to control your thinking? Would that automatically result in a change in your environment?

AffirmWare’s Sculptor 3 says yes, you can change your thinking by constantly bombarding yourself with positive affirmations. Actually, I’ve read that some athletes practice visualization techniques to fine-tune their skills. Sculptor 3 does the same thing, helping you visualize your goals and build confidence to achieve those goals.

Sculptor 3 has an interesting system where you have to finish sentences after your chosen affirmation. As you complete your sentences, your mind usually tries to create opposing thoughts to negate your affirmations. But with Sculptor 3 to back you up, you can start practicing how to counter-attack those bad thoughts with more good thoughts. It is this skill, learning how to break through your personal barriers that Sculptor 3 is all about.

In addition to the software you get some other free stuff. You get a subliminal computer program that flashes pre-selected or custom-made subliminal messages on your computer. You get screensavers, a free e-book called “It Works”, “The Science of Getting Rich” mp3s, and 26 health reports.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in trying out subliminal programming, you can try Sculptor 3 first on your computer. A lot of people swear by it, saying that it helps them stay focused on their goals and feel positive. The software is pretty easy to use, and you get lots of freebies.