Thursday, 27 October 2011

Do you lack motivation?

This week I'd like to talk about how important motivation is.

With motivation you will face challenges and won't give up easily. With motivation you won't worry so much about what others say to you or their criticisms. Without strong motivation, though, you won't have the will or the strength to follow through.

I've seen that many people imagine all kinds of things they'd like to dow ith their lives. They tell me I want to be more this or I want to do more that or they say I need to change how I do this but then what happens?

Nothing changes. Why?

Because they lack motivation.

It's like setting sail on a long voyage in a boat that has holes in it, you won't get far before you'll have to either turn around or sink.

So here's my question...

What will motivate you to make positive changes in your life?

Think about it.

What motivates you? What is important enough to you to make you determined enough to carry on even if you experience difficulties?

Motivation is the key driving force you need to face the setbacks that always come up. If you can find your motivation and reasons for doing something then success becomes a real possibility.

Dream big and dare to fail.    Norman Vaughan
I couldn't wait for success... so I went ahead without it.      Johnathan Winters

I'd like to recommend you visit this motivating page:

Words of Inspiration and Motivation

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Formula for Success..

Today I'd like to give you a little motivation...

Let me ask you "Do you know a formula for success?"

Would you like to know THE secret of success, however you define that?

Well here it is - The Secrets to Success is:


Let's look at each of these in turn.

First, you need to focus on what you want. Really focus and that means making a clear picture in your mind, hearing and feeling whatever it is that you are aiming for. Experience in your imagination as if you have what you want.

Second, time to take action. Just thinking about it doesn't make it happen, whatever they tell you in "The Secret". You need to plan how you will take steps to move closer to your goal. Success comes from making it happen.

Third, persistence. Never give up trying. If you are not happy with how you are progressing try a different route. There are always alternative ways to achieve any goal. You always have other choices. Never give up. Success is always preceded with what some see as failure and others see as temporary setbacks. Don't let this stop you, keep moving forward.

That's it. You WILL be successful if you follow this formula.

A big problem that may be holding you back from achieving what you want in life could be low self esteem. Check out my website More Self Esteem for help building your self esteem and confidence.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Do Your Beliefs Help You?

Are you happy with your life right now?

If not, what can you do about it?

Today I'd like to ask you to examine your beliefs. Now beware...Some of these beliefs may be hidden deep within your brain so you may have to ask searching questions and think carefully to find an answer.

Many people come to me for Coaching and need help with self esteem or confidence issues. They want steps that they can follow to build self esteem or become more confident. In Life Coaching we know that the most powerful changes that we can help someone make come from questioning beliefs.

What are you beliefs?

Ask yourself "What do I believe about myself?"
"What do I believe I can do well?"
"What do I believe I don't do well?"
"How do I believe others see me?"

"What do I believe is possible in my life?"

Self esteem is so important but before you try to boost yours ask yourself:

"What do I believe I deserve?"

When you ask these kinds of questions you must be very honest. You can easily fool yourself.

When you have discovered what your main beliefs are then you need to figure out which beliefs help you and which don't.

Once you know which beliefs limit you and hold you back preventing you from being happy or achieving your goals then you can do something about it.

The next step will be to replace those limiting beliefs by ones that help you move closer to living the life you want.

I hope you have enjoyed this short post, there is more coming soon.

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