Friday, 30 March 2012

An interesting excerise for you...

Today I want to give you a few exercises to do which will help improve your self esteem and mindset.

Let's get straight to it!

Get a pen and some paper:


First, write out all the limiting, negative beliefs you have about yourself.
Hint: start with I can't, I don't, I am too.., I don't have...etc. (You are really trying to get reasons why have low self esteem)

Second, write out compelling reasons why you must have more self esteem and self confidence. What would that mean to you? How would your life change? Try to get 100 reasons if you can.

Third, list 100 ways to boost your self esteem. What can you do to build your esteem and confidence?

Fourth, make a list of goals of things you want to achieve or steps you need to take and include deadlines to achieve them.

This exercise may take some time but it will be time well spent. It will help you by changing from a negative mindset focused on failure to a mindset determined to succeed.

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Take care,
Karl Perera

Friday, 23 March 2012

Confront your Fear...

Last week I confronted an old enemy we all face...


I love adventurous sports and this winter I have been snowboarding six times. It is a bit scary. I can now, after three years, snowboard quite well but realized one thing is stopping me from progressing and that is my fear.

Last time out I fell a couple of times just trying to slow myself down. This week I pushed myself because I thought:

"Do I want to do this or not? Do I want to advance or stay the same level? "

I decided that if I do something I should push myself a bit each time and improve a little each time I go out.

I went for it and as my speed increased I pushed through the barrier of fear just a bit. OK, I took it in steps and didn't go crazy but I pushed myself.

Life is the same. We need to confront fear and push ourselves through more challenging and uncomfortable events. Ask yourself this:

"Am I going to do this with all my effort and push myself to do my best or am I going to half-do this?"

Personally, I think that half doing something is pointless. Either I push myself to do the best I can or I should forget it and not bother.

Remember, the world needs and wants you to do your best so push yourself and succeed!

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

What Motivates You?

I'd like you to ask yourself this question:

"What motivates you?"

It is difficult to answer such general questions but maybe you can answer that...If you can't, don't worry, try this:

1. Think about all the good things in your life (yes there are good things in everybody's life)
2. Ask yourself "Why is this important to me?"
3. Note down your answer
4. Keep asking why is that important to me?
5. Note down all your answers

The answers you have are the values you have.

Your values are important because they motivate you.

Your aim should be to live your life according to your values. If you are in conflict with these values depression or unhappiness can result.

Know what your values and motivators are and you will be stronger and more likely to achieve your goals.

I wish you happiness!

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Do limiting beliefs prevent your success?

Do you sometimes find yourself trying to reach a goal or really wanting to achieve something but somehow no matter what you seem to do it doesn't happen?

There is one real obstacle that often works against you. Do you know what that is?


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Your potential for happiness and success in this world is limited only by you. You set the limits. What you can achieve is limited by what you believe is possible.

But there are powerful obstacles which cause you to doubt yourself and which prevent you from having what you want...

Your limiting beliefs.

What limiting beliefs do you have?

Ask yourself what you believe about the following:

1. yourself
2. your relationships with others
3. what is possible for you in this life

By just listing these limiting beliefs and thinking about them you will have taken a giant step towards weakening them.

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Friday, 2 March 2012

Are Your Beliefs Stopping You?

One of the most important factors behind your behaviour is the beliefs that you have.

How many limiting beliefs do you have that sabotage your progress and happiness?

Change these beliefs to more helpful ones and you start helping yourself rather than hurting yourself.

Here are three questions to answer and when you do you'll have a list of beliefs that can be positive and negative:

1. What do you believe about yourself?
2. What do you believe is possible for you?
3. What do you believe about other people's relationships with you?

In the next post I'll tell you what to do with the list of beliefs you have discovered.

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