Thursday, 11 April 2013

Losing a Loved One Hurts But...

This week has been hard on me and our family as we have lost the oldest member, our dear grandmother who at 93 years old passed away a few days ago. It's been very sad for sure but what has got me through is one important thought.

I wanted to post this in case you have faced such a loss and I hope this thought can help you too.

Feeling sad and depressed about the death of a loved one is actually quite selfish because we are thinking about ourselves and the fact that we will not see them anymore. The correct way to think about this is I believe to take the opportunity to remember all the good things that the person who has died said when they were alive. What do you remember most? What are the great things you most remember about him/ her?

When you think like that you can be thankful for the time you spent together and take this as an opportunity to remember that our time on this earth is limited and ask yourself this important question:

What will people most remember about you after you are gone?

This is something to think about and act upon surely. All good things come to an end. Their ending makes us appreciate them even more. Being reminded of this should inspire us to make the most of our time here and that the most important thing is how you affect others lives.

Thanks for reading this today and please add your comment below and tell me what you think and what you have experienced.

Have a great and inspired day!