Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life is not perfect...

Life is not perfect. It never will be...

Stop thinking that your life should be perfect and accept that this will never be the case.

You should just allow your life to reflect who you are and if it doesn't then take small steps, (or large ones if you have the courage!), to change it so it does.

Life is not perfect. Neither are you...

Stop punishing or criticising yourself for not being perfect for none of us are.

I wish you a great day and hope that you will see the sense and hope that lies in freeing yourself of the stress that comes with chasing a perfect life. That perfect life doesn't exist.

Try and accept that you can change your reality but if you chase perfection you are chasing a false dream.

I hope that this message helps you today and I'd love your comments on how tis message relates to your life, please leave a commen below


  1. This makes perfect sense! Thank you!

    Knowing what you should try to change and what you're better of accepting is a constant challenge in life.

    1. This is indeed such an important lesson to learn Leopold and I'm still working on that one myself...

  2. life is not perfect but one can make his/her life perfect with their efforts..
    it all depends how you thinks ..
    it all depend on person to person what they think their life would be perfect if they acheive some thing in their life.


  3. If anybody can help... any advice. I having a hard time staying balanced. Me and my girlfriend who is pregnant, dont get along very well sometimes.. i work 2 jobs and im looking for a 3 while doing online classes for a bachelor's. I have bad impulse issue and anger problems. I use to have a gym membership and i use to cage fight which helped with my moods... i dont know what to do sometimes. My car broke down on me and i was stuck at home all day by myself and i wanted her here with me for confort... but she was with her family and i got alittle upset and we went back in frouth when she came home at 1030pm but i been home since 11am.. im really getting tired of myself the people around me... i was a good athlet. . It stucks to be living this way at 26 .. i work myself till iinsanity. . And i dont feel appreciated. .. i was working 40 hours at my job and doibg find before the 2 jobs until that obama bullshit heath care shit came through.. now im not allowed to work past 30 hours a week! But they only giving 20 hours! And yes im black and i think its bullshit and messed up and now this raising minimum wage crap is going to be a bigger lost... i cant take it sometimes! And i still have no benefits! It was a waste! Atleast when i had the 40 hours a week i could afford to go to the doctor or get other coverage now i cant get shit. I want sonebody to be there when i need them. Im just unhappy period.

    1. My Name is Nikki and I am in the process of starting a Blog for this very reason, there is so much help out there. It may seem impossible to know where to look or who to trust. you sound like my son who has similar issues. I have many years of experience. If you would like to have some practical advice you can E-mail
      sign you name Anonymous: and I will know who you are.

  4. I really agree in what you're saying here and that we shouldn't beat our heads over the table and that it really makes perfect sense too!