Monday, 7 October 2013

A great summer

I truly had a great summer this year!

Once again I taught Pre-sessional English at Leicester University in England. It is so very satisfying to help international students prepare to study in the UK. The whole experience beyond the teaching is rewarding and I love the atmosphere of teaching at an academic institution in Britian.

It was really hard work once again and each year seems to get that bit harder. Late nights marking and preparing for lessons.

It was great to get back home to England and touch base. I also made many new friends and met up again with some from last year. It was also nice to get back to teaching full time if only for a short spell.

Leicester grows on me every time I find myself there. It is so diverse! All nationalities and cultures mixing and that has its benefits. So many indian restaurants to choose from!

I explored a bit more and went sightseeing again both in Leicester and York.

The above picture is just a taste of what you can find in Leicester town centre.

All told I was back in the UK for over 8 weeks.

Everyone in Turkey (where I live for part of the year), believes it always rains in England but this year the summer was HOT and SUNNY! Sometimes too hot...

It's back to my real life now but I am not too happy to be back in Turkey...

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