Friday, 18 October 2013

Amsterdam - the fun and a sad story

Two weeks ago while in Amsterdam for a few days I had a really interesting time. I am an avid sightseer so I proceeded to plan a few museum trips. I had visited Amsterdam 22 years ago but I went to see the Van Gogh Museum again as I am a huge fan.

I had a fun time in that city and we stayed out late but there was one place I visited that really struck me.

I went to the Anne Frank House Museum. What a sad story! For years I have not thought about the Holocaust but once again it was there in front of me. I was always interested and shocked in the subject even as a kid. This museum is amazing. The story of Anne Frank and her family who went into hiding for two years to escape the Nazi's. The museum told Anne's story and reminded me of how I had studied this at school. Her simple testimony makes it real for the visitor despite the many years that have past.

Well, two weeks later and I have read her diary and learnt more then everytime I open the television tere seems to be a documentary or film covering the subject. What interests me most are the feelings and thoughts of those involved. I am still trying to fully understand how so many normal people became sadistic and evil players in that history. Even worse, how many of the high ranking officials do not feel guity, only "sorry" and maintain the usual phrase "I was not responsible, I was just doing my job!"

We all need to take responsibility for the result of our actions and as I witnessed in a film I saw last night we can always do something to help. Those who helped Anne's family put themselves at huge risk and last night I watched a film about another hero of that time. Irena Sendler, a social worker who went into the Ghetto in Warsaw to save children and smuggle them out placing them in loving Polish families who looked after the and protected them.

Now I want to say something. I keep seeing comments like "we need to remember what happened during the Holocaust so it doesn't happen again. Well, guess what? It has happened again and again. Cambodia, Rwanda, World Wars and who knows what. It happens every day whenever one person is victimized for his race or beliefs. The Jews story is particularly sad and shocking but it is unfortunately one example among many of the cruelty of man.

Take a look at this website about what happened to Anne Frank and her family in the secret annex.

Let's not remember how fortunate we are to live now and not to have to face those times.


  1. A very touching post, Anne frank was such a strong person for what she went through.

  2. Interesting reading! I have always wanted to visit Van Gogh Museum!