Thursday, 10 October 2013

Another new experience - Unfortunately!

Having just completed a wonderful summer teaching Pre-sessional English to postgraduate students at Leicester University in the UK, I met up with my wife Elgiz to begin a short break after all that hard work and marking.

So I spent a week in London doing some sightseeing (I am now trying to see the less known sights in London).  Then it was off to settle my son Daniel into his second year a great five days or so there. Boy! Is that place ever fun! (Explain later).

London - Tower Bridge
We then went to Amsterdam for three or four days. What a beautiful place. So much to see and do, we had an incredible time...but...

Not without incident! I experienced another first time in my life situation. Unfortunately.

Let me explain, bit of a nightmare coming up here. You may wish to look away because I am going to explain about an awful reality now that is becoming a common problem in hotels everywhere.

Anyway, we booked a nice central hotel in Amsterdam and settled into the Hotel Espresso room 215. Cozy, I thought, a bit small and definitely overpriced as all of Amsterdam's hotels are. Rediculous prices actually. Anyway our first few days passed pleasantly (not normally because we were in Amsterdam but very nicely thank you). On the third day in the morning I woke up itching like I've never itched before. OUCH! Looked in the mirror - my back, arms and legs were covered in big red blotches. What could this be? Did I eat something and had an allergic reaction? I needed to scratch and then went looking for a chemist the next morning. The woman in the checmist immediate told me what the problem was. "Oh yes, she smiled, I've seen this a lot here..." A clue for you:

Worse than mosquitos and the real vampires. Ouch! I had been bitten by BEDBUGS. Yikes!

More than a week later I am still suffering from these itchy bites.

I have now found out so much about these things and how to treat the bites but I am worried now and getting quite paranoid about staying in another bed. I will soon be travelling to Paris too...

Facts about these horrible creatures:

1. They come out at night and suck blood
2. Growing problem all over the world especially in hotels
3. You can bring the damn things home in your suitcase so beware!
4. It is possible to carefully check the bed when you arrive - educate yourself
5. Bites take a couple of weeks to go and everyone reacts differently
6. I still got new bites appearing almost a week later, they dont comeup imediately

I hope the hotel will refund us and they have already made an offer. Was it worth going to Amsterdam and getting bitten? Yes, but this was not and still isn't pleasant. Ouch!

So remember: "sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!"

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