Monday, 22 July 2013

What excuses do you use?

When things get tough in your life what do you do?

Do you decide how best to take action and face the difficulties that lie in front of you or do you make excuses?

Excuses are the false reasons we give ourselves to avoid the danger we think is ahead. Is your head full of reasons why you can't do what you want to? Why your dreams are impossible?

I've just written a new article and added it to my site that will show you exactly how you use these false excuses and I'll show you what to do to overcome them. If you can break free of these excuses you create for yourself then you'll be on the way to finding freedom and happiness in your life. It will be a real awakening for you.

If you suffer from these limiting excuses in your head that sabotage your every step and decision then please go now and check out this new page:

Excuses - what is behind them?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

A new view of yourself...

This week my son bought something amazing. It was a wide angle camera called GoPro and films your sporting activities. Most people use them for extreme sports to take film from incredible angles. I enjoy windsurfing and so we attached the camera to the boom of our windsurf sail and after we got home we checked the film....

Amazing! But what has this got to do with self help I hear you ask..?

Life is, in my opinion, an extreme sport and we usually have a very fixed view of it. We see everything from the same view and that view is biassed. We do not see the truth and we do not see exactly what others see.

Like the camera I mentioned above the shots from the camera are like an entirely different world. We don't see how amazing it is what we are doing when we get into action. When you film it like this you see there is so much more to "reality" than what we normally see. Your ability to walk, run and navigate your world is unbelievable. The world is incredible, yet we don't notice the details.

The message here is that you should take a different view of yourself and understand that you are so much more amazing than you think you are. The reality you believe in is not a true picture of the world, it is so much richer and more amazing than you know.

Open your eyes to the wonder of life and to your abilities today!

To read more about how you view yourself and your world check this page: