Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life is not perfect...

Life is not perfect. It never will be...

Stop thinking that your life should be perfect and accept that this will never be the case.

You should just allow your life to reflect who you are and if it doesn't then take small steps, (or large ones if you have the courage!), to change it so it does.

Life is not perfect. Neither are you...

Stop punishing or criticising yourself for not being perfect for none of us are.

I wish you a great day and hope that you will see the sense and hope that lies in freeing yourself of the stress that comes with chasing a perfect life. That perfect life doesn't exist.

Try and accept that you can change your reality but if you chase perfection you are chasing a false dream.

I hope that this message helps you today and I'd love your comments on how tis message relates to your life, please leave a commen below

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Familiar Places

This week I have returned to the UK and after spending a few days with my parents, (not as easy as it used to be as they have aged now), I am back teaching at Leicester University for six weeks or so.

This annual trip back home to teach has happened each year for the past six years. As we've discussed before it's good to get back home and touch base. But for me the most important part of coming back is to revisit my own feelings and thoughts and see how they have developed over the past year.

I love teaching. Why?

It is a chance to help someone and here in the UK I am helping young people who are far from home. As I return to the UK and work I am back home yet at the same time away from home because my family are back in Turkey. I miss them but experious the joy too of seeing the familiar faces and places where I've been before. This all brings into contrast the important things in life.

So I'm glad to be in Leicester but sad to be away from my dear family.

Keep reading my blog to find out more about how my trip goes and I'll try to include some lessons along the way that will help illuminate your life.

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