Thursday, 1 May 2014

An Important Lesson in Self esteem

“The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.”
― Ayn Rand

Do you value yourself? Can I ask you to think for a moment - what is your attitude to yourself? Many people make a big mistake and think that by being humble they are being good. Humble means not talking about yourself or taking credit for what you do. Now the problem with this is that if you do not build yourself up by reflecting on what you have done well then you can easily forget what you have achieved to get to where you are.

This important lesson in improving your self esteem is often forgotten:

Rather than focusing on where you are going and always stressing about the journey ahead, try focusing on how you have got to where you are now and what you have achieved on the way.

The journey to where you are has not been easy has it? You have managed to get here haven't you? There is a positive there if you want to look for it. Concentrate on what is still left to do and all the possible problems ahead and you will lose yourself in fear and doubt. That is a very negative and unhappy way to live because the future is never clear and it always looks difficult and problematic.

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