Monday, 20 April 2009

Can I get to the top of Youtube with my new video?

A week ago I released a new video and put it on youtube...

Ahhhh. Found it way down in the list when I did a search for **self esteem**

Was on page : 15, went up to page 8, a couple of days ago I hit page 3, Now : page 2!!

Let's see if we can beat Google and try to get this video climbing up so it will get some serious views...

Want to help me with this?

I can return the favour for you...

Follow these steps:

1. Watch my video here:
Self Esteem Secrets E-book

(Be sure to let the video run to the end, it is six minutes long)

2. Rate the video out of 5
3. Comment on the video
4. Favourite it

Even better - link to it or embed it on your website or blog..

Let's see if I can hit top spot with your help!

Let me know if you helped me out and what I can do to help you...


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