Saturday, 25 April 2009

Self Esteem Secrets News

It's been six weeks now since I launched my e-book "self esteem secrets" and I've so far managed to sell about 30 copies!

I am so happy with the comments I have received from prople who have ordered the book (more about this in a later post). As this is my first product and my first attempt at promoting an e-book of my own I am still learning...

I have recently put a video up on youtube to explain what the book is about and how it will help you. Watch the video here:

Order the book today and get 20% off here:


  1. Hey Karl,

    Keep up the great work as usual ^_^

    How's the video page number going?

    - Chris

  2. Hi Chris. My video is now on the second page after one week. I hope to be on the first page very soon!

    Thanks for asking

    - Karl