Thursday, 23 July 2009

Comments and a free gift..

Last week I offered subscribers to my self esteem newsletter the chance to get a free gift. What is it, I'll tell you in a moment...

I asked readers to tell me what results they have had following the advice in my email messages, on my website or if they bought my e-book "Self Esteem Secrets". I asked them to explain what they had read, what they did and what the result was.

Most people gave very general answers but what I want is specific examples of how my material has helped you. There is still time for YOU to get my free gift if you answer these three questions.

Here are some comments I've had.

General Comments:

"Thank you very much for your letter, and for the entire contribution to the world you have made with your books and teachings"


"I'm more confident than I used to be before I started reading all the e-mails you've been sending me. I can talk to anybody and still maintain that self-respect and esteem within me. My life has had added meaning and I'm more focused in being the man I have ever dream to be."


Today because of you I am entirely a different person.Now I can look boldly into someone's eye and speak with confidence. Thank you and may God continue to bless you so that you could be a blessing to others."

Deokie Peters

More Specific Comment on my e-book:

"I would like to thank Karl for all his help and for his fantastic book. I would encourage anyone to purchase this book, I think the book is fantastic. I have v low self esteem and confidence and Karl has explained in v practical terms what to do. To glance at the book even for a few minutes throughout the day would give you encouragement and lift your spirits. I keep analyzing things and always thinking the worst can happen and I have found the book very helpful with this.

Mary Galvin

Read more about my e-book "Self Esteem Secrets"

I will be putting up many more of these comments in the next few weeks.

Oh, yes nearly forgot..My free gift is an audio of my top 5 tips for beating low self esteem...

Answer these questions specifically and get your free gift:
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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It's all about attitude!

I'd like to tell you about windsurfing, one of my passions...

Well, this blog post is not about windsurfing but about success and attitude. Last week I went out windsurfing and I just couldn't make any progress. I made the same old mistakes and kept coming up short. My mind was all wrong. I couldn't do anything special at all. I felt like quitting and said to myself this is a failure - I can't do anything today.

The next day I thought back and decided that I'm not as bad as that. After all, ı have been at this sport for years. My performance was way down and I didnt do myself justice. So with a change of attitude what happened? I amazed myself and erased the day before from my memory. I was like a new person and I just couldn't stop pushing myself further and further until I exceeded my expectations. A week later I now know I have progressed so much and wonder if that day didn't mean so much more than simply windsurfing...

Of course in business, in your personal life you can achieve so much more with the right attitude. It gives you energy and determination and makes success inevitable.

Next time you find yourself struggling and giving up ask yourself how you can change your attitude and understand just how much your success depends on your thinking.

I really hope that this post helps you today in some small way. get your mind right and you can fly!!

Check out my self esteem website for more about attitude and self belief:

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Depression Helper Weekly Message

I hope you're doing OK this week and things are going well for you.This is a quick email I sent out today to give my subscribers some more help overcoming depression.

I want you to watch a great little video about exercise and it's effect on depression..

I'm positive this is going to help you so check it out here:

Depression Video - Fit to Fight Depression


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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Recent updates

Just letting you know about the latest updates I've put up on my various websites.

Here are the latest great links Ive given out to my subscribers:

A new video about self esteem (added at the top of the page)

A new article about self help and making progress

Some more questions and my answers to readers emails about self esteem

I hope you enjoy these links, drop a comment on this blog and let me know what you thought and which of these helps...

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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

How to Manage your Fears, Anxiety and Depression

A quick post here about a subject that seems to be on readers minds all the time. My inbox is always filled with emails coming in about one subject that comes up time and again:

What can I do to overcome my fears and anxieties?

I have an answer for you in a recent article I published on my website, I'd like you to take a look because this is something that may really help you. Here's the article:

How to manage your fears, anxiety and depression

I welcome your comments about the article and I also advise you to take action if you suffer from any kind of fear, anxiety or depression. You do not have to be a slave to your emotions and depression there is a program you should check out. It works.

Don't let anxiety, stress or depression control you! You need to become a master of your emotions and thinking and that's how to break free. Discover how...

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