Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Two kinds of people..which are you?

There are TWO kinds of people in this world. I want to ask "Which are you?"

The first type of people are successful but the second type aren't...

Let me explain what these two groups are.

People can be divided according to how they face life's troubles and problems. We're agreed that we all face constant challenges, aren't we?

So what do you do when you face a challenge or problem? Which of the following describes you, Type A or Type B?

If you are Type A then congratulations! When you face a difficult decision or problem in your life you face it head on. No fear. You think about how to overcome the problem not how the problem is going to overcome you. You know there is a solution no matter how difficult it looks. You do not panic. You don't listen to doubts or negativity within you or from anyone else.

If you are Type A you are prepared to move forward and battle until you succeed. Failure is not an option.

If you are Type B, well you need to work on becoming a Type A.

If you're Type B you avoid facing challenges and crave security and safety. Anything unfamiliar or difficult scares you. You prefer to avoid confrontation and keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself, that way no one can make fun of you. Fear is very much part of your aproach to life and it's problems.

Which type are you?

Next post I'll talk about how you can become a Type A and learn to face up to your challenges without fear.
Change is not something to fear but something to embrace.

Please leave a comment below and come back to read my next post as we'll cover some really important stuff!

Take care,
Karl Perera

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year

How has this year been for you? I hope it's been a year of improvement
and that you've experienced the following:

- friendship. With 6 billion people on the face of this earth all you
need is ONE close friend. It is my wish that you are lucky enough to
possess the thing more precious than gold itself - true friendship

- joy. Now everyone, including myself, faces unhappiness at times but
 I really hope you've experienced moments of joy. Treasure those moments and re-live them when things get difficult.

 - satisfaction. That you have succeeded or achieved something worthwhile. One of the best things you could achieve today is to put a smile on someone's face..:)

 - hope. I have a hope that the world will be a better place, it doesn't seem like reality but I can't give up hoping. You shouldn't either. There is always hope, no matter what others tell you. If you truly believe in something don't give up until you get it.

 - enlightenment. It could come from anywhere. Inspiration. Learning. Read and look to discover the truth in the world around you. Don't just believe everything you see and hear on the TV.

 - peace. A very valuable emotion. Inner peace is truly what we all need. I hope that sometime during the last year you experienced the stillness and quiet and felt true peace in your heart, even if just for a few moments.

 - love. Did you love someone or something this year? Did that love bring you some happiness. I really hope it did. You deserve love and keep telling yourself that. Go after what you love.

 - awe. The world is an amazing place. I truly hope that there were times that you saw or experienced something that took your breath away. The incredible beauty and power of this world and the natural
 things within it constantly remind me that my being here is more than chance and is a miracle.

 I hope this last year was filled with feelings and emotions that remind us what a wonderful thing it is to be alive. Even if there was also suffering or pain, then I pray you learn to focus on those great moments and find motivation in the good.

 My personal message to you is my sincere wish that this Christmas will bring you peace and joy that will spread into the year ahead. I hope to continue to try to inspire you each week and hope that in some
 small way I can help you build your self esteem and find the real you inside.

 Happy New Year...