Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Quotes from me about Self esteem

I'd like to offer you a some of my most helpful quotes about one topic I've been writing about for years... these quotes are all by me, Karl Perera

The topic is Self Esteem.

We all know how important your self esteem is don't we?

If not then perhaps you should read this page and learn more about how important it is to have a healthy level of self esteem.

Quotes by Karl Perera (taken from my book "Self esteem Secrets"):

"Without self-belief you'll be defeated before you even get started."

"As a parent, your well-being is important to your family"

"The whole point of self-improvement is to become a better person. It is not selfish to want to improve yourself and be happy. It is only selfish if you obsess about it and ignore others wishes."

This is just a quick selection of a few points in my book Self esteem Secrets, newly published by Motivational Press.

If you would like to read my book and learn how to build your self esteem daily then you can get a copy from many bookstores online and offline in many countries.

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  1. "As a parent, your well-being is important to your family"
    Before I heard this quote, I would always think this way everytime I took a puff of a cigarette. Now I'm almost 2 years clean :)
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  2. I enjoyed this blog post. It was inspiring and informative. Motivational Blog