Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Look inside your heart

Hi many people told me to act according to my head and not my heart. After 46 years of living on this planet what do I think of this advice?


That's the recipe for unhappiness. For sure.

So if you're confused or feel a bit lost right now..well, that's normal. Life is not easy, is it? But ask your heart what it wants and don't follow your head. Life is not logical and does not follow the ways of logical thinking. Intuition and emotion lead to desire and that leads you to action.

What did Carl Jung say about this?

I think that quote says it all don't you agree?

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  1. Please comment about this quote and what you think about this post...

  2. I love this quote. It's definitely something I need to do in my life.

  3. It's all important to pay attention to what your heart says...

  4. This quote a universal truth, indeed.