Monday, 21 November 2011

Why is motivation so important?

if you know what motivates you, you can change your life so you do those things and this will give you more joy. The important thing is that if you have joy you will do great things with your life and will not fail when things get difficult. If you do what makes you happy, whatever that is, it means you will work hard on it and do your best. If you do what doesn’t motivate you then this is a disaster, you will not work hard on it, your heart will not be in it and you will not succeed.

What motivates you is a key question and when you find it you can move forward. When I spoke to you and tried to help you, you seem without motivation and felt trapped. Finding motivation and strength within you will help you decide to get up, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and act in a way that will help you get yourself to a better place.

That better place is where you can be happier and more fulfilled, where you can help others be happier too. Where you can be what you are supposed to be - what God wants is that you are happy and doing what you are good at. Depression holds you back and that is a shame.

If you ever suffer from depression then take a look at this page about treating depression 


Last week I sent out a message to my subscribers all about perfectionism. I said the following:

"Do you constantly tell yourself you could have done this better or said that better?"

"Do you spend time worrying how others will respond to you?"

"And when you have a bad day do you go over and over what happened and wish that you had done things differently?"

I got quite a few replies saying there is nothing wrong with trying to improve and of course there isn't. Improvement is progress and looking at how you can have done things better is a good idea if you want to learn from the problems and challenges of life. However, the problem of perfectionism is that you want to improve and even when you do you drive yourself harder.

Perfectionism is a problem that never goes away because you can never be perfect.

Seeking perfectionism is the road to unhappiness and you need to accept that you are not perfect. No one on this planet is. Be happy to do your best and yes learn from it. Try your best always and take setbacks as opportunities to learn and improve yourself. Don't use setbacks to kick yourself and don't be discouraged because setbacks are a natural part of self growth.

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