Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Questions answered

This week I updated a page on my website where I am answering common questions I receive from readers about self esteem issues. Some of the points raised in emails occur again and again so I wanted to put online some of my thoughts addressing problems with self confidence and self improvement.

The page is here so please go take a look at some of my answers.

Some of the most important questions I've answered are:

What do I need to work on if I feel confident about myself, but others don't?

I get tensed up with every small thing when people are watching me. This thing is eating me up and I will be glad if you help me deal with it.

How can I stay in a long lasting relationship?

Some pretty important questions there! I'm sure you'll benefit from some of my answers so go take a look and see if they help you.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Two New Articles This Week

This week I have written two new articles. I am trying to be a bit more organized now and concentrate on writing about my two favorite subjects depression and self esteem.

The first article I wrote this week was a complete rewrite of a page on my site More-SelfEsteem.com. Originally this page was a guest article but now it is my own totally original work. I have written about something that affects us all and is one of the biggest reasons why we do not get everything we want from life.

Check out my first article here:

The Problem of Self Sabotage

The second article, (success! I wrote two articles this week! :)), is about a serious question which is:

"Why isn't Depression taken seriously?" I have written about why I think it is and what you can do about it if you suffer from depression. Read this article now

This second article and the question it asks has stirred up quite a bit of discussion already on Google plus -a very interesting one that seems to illustrate the problems that exist in how different people see and react to someone saying "I am depressed".

I hope you enjoy my new aticles, if so please leave a comment for me and do remember to share my pages when you read them - thanks,